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Our Story

Growing up in a weaver family, our late father witnessed his father being an integral part of the weaver’s society. It laid the foundation of the revolutionary Banarasi Handloom Sarees, which is nothing short of worldwide fame today.
Our elders have set voyage their business for almost nine decades. They have bestowed patronage of Banarasi Sarees in most of the southern parts of India with quality and trust.

After they established themselves in zari work in Calcutta(now Kolkata) over the years, we now come out of our comfort zone.

So, it’s time for us, the youngest ones, to take charge of the province borne of this legacy and adapt to changing patterns of lifestyles. With this determination, we are commencing our online retail store to let our women choose from an extensive range of handloom sarees.

We promise to focus on what the women of our country want rather than what we want to make.

And one thing remains the same, we never compromise with happiness.
Stay with us, for the path to the stars goes through the moon.


House of Begum’s is proud to be a handwoven brand that puts India together under one roof. Every HOB saree embodies diverse aspects of beauty, craftsmanship, and consciousness. Our weavers are true artisans, handcrafting and curating each saree as a work of art.

HOB takes great delight in preserving these traditional trades. With the greatest of six yards of handwoven sarees from throughout India, under one roof, our products are dedicated to today's ladies who are re-inventing what 'tradition' means.

Our Vision

What is in the name?


House of Begum's isn't just an idea. It's an emotion that we induce within us because of growing up in a weaver family. We have seen how actively our women participate in weaving.

And for the very same reason, most of our weavers and crafts persons are our relatives. That is why we want every woman to feel like a Begum in her aura. And that's the very reason why our sarees will look and feel premium to you, but they will still be in the affordable range.

You know ideas are easy. They are normal. They become visionary only when we stick to our values throughout the journey. And one of the most significant milestones of our journey is to bring in the respect the weavers(especially women) deserve for the work of art they create.

We want to give back to this weaver's society which helped us get educated through their labour. We want them to be at the forefront.